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Wedding bells

I recently participated in a journalism research survey examining how UW students comprehend and apply political issues. Based on my answers from the first round, I was selected to do a further survey of my views on same-sex marriage. It is a topic that is expected to be one of the “hot” issues on the next political ballot.

I cannot objectively react or respond to this issue as hard as I may try. I have a gay roommate and many gay friends. I want them to have as many basic rights as I am entitled to have – aren’t we all human?

Recent weigh-ins on the issue have made me aware that I am not alone in my views, but there are also many who oppose the idea of same-sex marriage. Those who are opposed to the union argue that it would “ruin” the sanctity of marriage. And further, the “sanctity” of marriage is the union of a man and woman.

While I have been brought up and have come to school in a swarm of left leaning political junkies, I think the issue of same-sex marriage is much less a political issue than it is an issue of basic human rights.
to be happy.
to have a family.
and to think about “marriage” how you want, and be with the person you love.

When laws and Prop (insert number) look to defy those rights, it confuses me and makes me mad. Opposition to same-sex marriage may be one of the largest indicators in our society, presently, that shows how much farther we really have to go.

Because, after all, Kim Kardashian’s divorce after only 72 days of marriage upholds all supposed “sanctity.”


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